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Southern Shaolin
Lam Sai Wing
Lam Sai Wing

"Since my young years till now, for 50 years, I have been learning from Masters. 
I am happy that I have earned the love of my tutors who passed on me the Shaolin Mastery…"

Hung Gar Bible - canonical books by Master Lam Sai Wing


An article from "ZHONGGUO WUSHU ZENMING CIDIAN" - Dictionary "Well-known Masters of the Chinese Wushu" edited by Chang Cang and Zhou Lichang.

Southern Shaolin 

Hung Gar Kung Fu

Lam Sai Wing (1861 - 1942, or 1860 - 1943 according to other sources) was born in the district of Nanhai, Guangdong province. Followed the customs of ancestors and learnt the Tradition of Fighting Arts in his family, proceeded to learn from tutors Lin Fucheng, Huang Feihong (Wong Fei Hung), and Wu Quanmei.

Indulged in persistent training, achieved great mastership in the Fighting Art. Founded WU BEN TANG ("The Hall of Fundamental Study") in Guangzhou (Canton) where he taught the Fighting Art. During his life brought up more than 10 000 followers.

Toward the end of the Qing dynasty (1644 - 1911) gained the first place at WUSHU large competitions that took place at the Dongjiao ground. Thanks to it, with great pleasure, the Master received a silver medal handed to him by D-r Sun Yat-sen* himself as a token of the recognition of his great services and successes. 

In the years followed, taking images and characters of the Tiger and the Crane as a base, as well as techniques of Hung Gar Kuen** and Fo Kuen*** styles, he founded a new school Fu Hok Seung Ying Kuen ("The Double Form of the Tiger and the Crane").

Lived in his old years in Hong Kong**** where he taught the Fighting Arts together with his favorite disciples ZhuYuzhai, Zhang Shibiao, Li Shihui, and others. Wrote books: "FOOK FU KUEN" (The Fist Conquering the Tiger"), "TIET SIN KUEN" ("The Style of Iron Thread"), and "Fu Hok Seung Ying Kuen" (The Double Form of the Tiger and the Crane"). 

Marked a new epoch and a new school of WUSHU, in particular in the division of formal complexes TAO LU. Fu Hok Seung Ying Kuen is practiced on a large scale both in China and abroad and the interest to it does not fall down. After the formation of the People's Republic of China (1949) this style was included into syllabuses of institutes and WUSHU high-grade schools.
*Sun Yat-sen ( his other names: Sun Zhongshan, Sun Wen) (1866 - 1925), a Chinese revolutionary democrat, the leader of the Chinese Revolution of 1911 - 1913, the first (provisional) president of the Chinese Republic (1 January - 1 April, 1912). In 1912 founded Guomindang party.

**Hung Gar Kuen - "The fist of Hung family". This style was widespread in secret societies Gelaohui ("The union of the Elder Brother"), Sandianhui ("The Triad"), and others in the Southern China in the XIX - the beginning of the XX century. It is remarkable for its very high fighting efficiency. It takes its origin from the Southern Shaolin Tiger style.

***Fo Kuen - "The fist of Buddhist brotherhood" was practised in secret Buddhist sects in Guangdong province. That style also originates from the Southern Shaolin.

****Since 1917 till 1923, before his departure to Hong Kong, Lam Sai Wing served in the army of Fujian province as the Head Instructor in hand-to-hand fight. Detail...



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Lam Sai Wing

Short Historical Essay on Master Lam Sai Wing Written by his Disciple Zhu Yuzhai

















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Lam Sai Wing


Hung Gar Bible - canonical books by Master Lam Sai Wing


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